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White kraft paper bag

  • Kraft paper bag
  • Kraft paper bag
  • Kraft paper bag
  • Kraft paper bag
Kraft paper bagKraft paper bagKraft paper bagKraft paper bag

Kraft paper bag

  • Color printing
  • Material optional: white cardboard + + white kraft paper, coated paper
  • ▶ light membrane: bright surface, bright transparent, prevent paper yellow fade and damage. ▶ UV: to improve light feeling, highlight stereo effect. ▶ convex: increase the three dimension image text,
  • Customized according to customer demand
  • Product description: Bag manufacturer/printing/paper bags customized/upscale gift bag/kraft paper bags/gift bag printing order/paper bags/kraft paper bag manufacturer in guangzhou
Package is installed art medium
Gluing process: dumb plastic, light plastic, diaphragm, laser film, pearl film) : is one of the printing after surface processing technology, also known as printed after plastic, rubber framed or printed after the paster, refers to the surface covered with laminating machine in print a 0.012 ~ 0.020 mm thick layer of transparent plastic film to form a unity of paper-plastic products processing technology.

Oil process: (the light oil, dumb oil, UV light oil, blister oil) : is in the surface of print (or spray, India) on a layer of colorless transparent coating (gloss oil), after flow leveling, drying, pressure light, in print form a thin and uniform layer of transparent light processing technology. Glazing includes comprehensive glazing, local glazing, luster glaze, matte (extinction) glazing glazing and special coatings, etc.

Polishing technology: is polishing process in coating glazing oil and hot pressing on the two units. Print in ordinary polishing machine coated gloss oil first, after being dry again by calender stainless steel with hot pressing, after cooling, stripping is printed form a mirror effect, and obtain high gloss.

On the reverse UV craft: the reverse light is compared with the traditional local glazing. It can make the same printing on both high light effect with mirror surface and matte or pits of Gao Liangguang effect, to greater contrast in brightness, make the glazing to achieve better effect. At the same time, because the Gao Liangguang part is offset printing, so very accurate overprint, also ensure the high brightness parts graphic printing precision.

Embossing process: refraction embossing, deep embossing, full version of the embossing) : paper after plate cylinder and the impression cylinder of pressure, and products appear all sorts of grain, make the product surface appear uneven grain) of all shapes after a kind of processing technology.

Hot stamping process: based on metal foil, through the thermal transfer printing to print or other stipulated surface, to increase the decorative effect.

Cold gold process: a without heating, only by pressure and bonding, stripping force, metal foil transfer printing to print or other stipulated surface, the adornment effect of the process.



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