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Guangzhou Shang Ying Paper Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating packaging design, printing and processing. Since its inception, the company has been committed to packaging industry brand planning and quality packaging design, adhere to the forward-looking strategic vision, innovative thinking. To provide effective brand design solutions for customers, and implement brand building projects with high market value, so as to maximize the interests of customers.

We have won the recognition and support of many new and old customers with professional design, reasonable price and excellent service. From the new design, bright color, prominent image, rich content, good printing and other aspects of our company's advantages, thus helping your enterprise to set up a brand, promote market development and other aspects play a role.
After years of continuous efforts, we have created a keen and energetic professional team, which can provide customers with professional packaging design, graphic design, product photography, post processing, printing and other modern service system.
The company has the world's most advanced new German Heidelberg to open the four color printing machine, the new Japanese KOMORI four open eight color reverse UV printing machine, the German Roland printing press, the glue machine, the pits machine, the beer machine, the automatic folding machine, the horse riding nail, the glue, the fully automatic adhesive machine and other post processing equipment and plate making and binding equipment. To provide high quality and fast speed comprehensive printing service for our customers.
Scope of operation: the company mainly engaged in cosmetics box, moon cake box, wine box, tea box, jewelry box, gift box, electronic packaging box, high-end business card, picture album, color page, handbag and other packaging design and production of one dragon service.



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